CastelloRom In the surrounding of B&B Cascina Brasile you can visit some of the most important medieval castles in Lombardy:
Malpaga, Romano di Lombardia, Martinengo, Urgnano and Pagazzano are among the best preservedancientcastles. 

Lake Iseo is not far from our B&B: you can see the famous Torbiere of lake Sebino in Provagliod’Iseo, the wonderful natural views and the old fishermen’s homes on Montisola, the largest lake island in Europe, the rock Pyramids in Zone. Visit all these wonders on the easter bank of lake Iseo.



Franciacorta is one of the most remarkable and famous vineyard area in Italy: it is the country of the “wine with bubbles”. Visit the wine caves or drive around in the peaceful hills of the area.
Bergamo, the “Cittá Dei Mille”, is an extraordinary example of medieval architecture with its churches, museums and buildings of the Upper Town.